We never have to worry about changing payroll legislation, we know that Saint & Co will just take care of it …
“Saint & Co have been taking care of our accounts for the past 16 years. We used to do our payroll in-house but then I went on maternity leave 10 years ago and Saint & Co took over the payroll for us. On my return we thought about taking it back in-house again but the Payroll Team at Saint & Co were doing it so efficiently. Over the past few years there has been so much changing legislation relating to payroll issues together with the introduction of auto-enrollment and The People’s Pension. Saint & Co advise us every step of the way, and make the whole process effortless. We just submit the timesheets of our staff on a Monday, and then all the payslips are ready to post out later that week. We never have to worry about how legislation will impact our payroll processes, we know Saint & Co will just deal with it and let us know what we need to do. They’re friendly and helpful and to be honest I just can’t praise them highly enough.”

Sally Bowman, RHM Cumbria Limited, Ambleside, Cumbria

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They really do go the extra mile.
“As a small organisation that has recently become a charity, the support from Saint & Co in the past year has been excellent. Their knowledge of issues regarding charity accounts and procedures has been very beneficial to the Board and staff, it has helped us significantly with Grant applications and compliance with OSCR. We know that we can count on their professionalism and they really do go the extra mile.”

Dennis Arnold, Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing



Our board of Governors feel very secure that we’re in good hands
Saint & Co has been working with us since we became an Academy in 2011. At first they took care of our external audits, but for the past couple of years they’ve taken on  our internal audits too. They are very experienced and knowledgeable about the way Academies work, and are always up to date with the latest regulatory changes. Our board of Governors feel very secure that we’re in good hands. They’re also a pleasure to work with. When a team of people are spending lots of time in your office pouring through all your paperwork, it makes such a difference when they are friendly and genuinely nice people.

Joanne Hamer, School Business Manager, Dallam School



In short, it demystifies the whole accounting process
We’re a family business and for the past 50 years we had been using a paper based system to manage all of our accounts. It was unwieldy and it took up a significant amount of time. We tried to move to an Excel based system, but it didn’t improve things much. Then Andrew at Saint & Co introduced us to Xero, the cloud-accounting system. I signed up for a trial, and spent around 8 months running Xero alongside our paper based system before we went live. We love it. It’s fast, efficient and intuitive to use. It saves us so much time. In fact we have two businesses, and we now spend less time doing the accounts for both businesses than we used to spend on just one. In short, it demystifies the whole accounting process.

Michael Webster, Ye Olde Friars


They guided us through the entire purchasing process with excellent expertise
“In 2008 we bought our first hotel the Lake District with the help of Saint & Co. They guided us through the entire purchasing process with excellent expertise.  Since then we have sold that hotel and purchased another Lakeland hotel with the assistance of Saint & Co. We are currently still using their services and will definitely continue to do so.

Rob van der Palen, Grasmere Hotel



They really understand our business
“Saint & Co has been immensely helpful to us over the years. As well as preparing our management and annual accounts, they’ve been invaluable in helping us obtain the grant funding and bank finance in order to press ahead with our expansion projects. They understand our business and are friendly and approachable.”

Tony O’Pray, TIS Cumbria Limited

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Friendly, approachable and they save us money too!
“Saint & Co recently saved us a significant amount of corporation tax. Lindsay Farrer made us aware that work carried out in research & development could be offset against our tax liability. Saint & Co are not just our accountants, they’re part of our team. They’re friendly, approachable, and really do a fantastic job.”

 Irene Carruthers, Millweld



Friendly accountants looking out for me
“I’m a new business so the whole area of accounting and tax was totally unfamiliar territory. Lindsay Farrer at Saint & Co patiently led me through the entire process of getting my first set of accounts completed. I feel confident knowing that everything relating to tax is correct and done properly. It’s great to know I have friendly accountants looking out for me.”

Ben Davidson

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A pleasure to work with
“Helen Little from Saint & Co is a pleasure to work with. She takes the trouble to understand the details of my farm and offers excellent advice on how I can make things more tax efficient. They know their stuff and are always on the ball.”

Messrs G & EA Harrison



Everything Saint & Co do is excellent
“We decided to move our accounting systems over to Sage. This would have been a daunting and extremely time consuming operation if it hadn’t been for Saint & Co. They came in to our office, set everything up, moved all our data into the new system and got us up and running in no time. So all we had to do was start adding new information. It all works brilliantly. Everything Saint & Co do is excellent.”

David Hogarth, Cumbrian Properties

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