Cyndy Potter (FCA)

Tourism Manager
01228 534371
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“We’re the only accountants in the area to have a specialist with 100% focus on the tourism and leisure market.”

Cyndy has been with Saint & Co since 1999 and is dedicated to the tourism and leisure sector. She works with hotels, holiday parks and guest-houses, and has a vast knowledge of the sector at her fingertips.

Says Cyndy: “It’s the face to face contact with my clients that makes my job so special. Solving people’s problems is what I’m all about. I enjoy visiting clients on-site so I can really understand how their business works.”

At the age of thirteen, Cyndy knew she either wanted to be an accountant or a jockey. She has combined both passions with a job she loves as Saint & Co, and her horse. She competes in Dressage and Showjumping.


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