Graeme Metcalfe

Payroll Manager - Carlisle
01228 534371
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“If you want to save time and focus on building your business, let us take care of your payroll.”

Graeme has been with Saint & Co since 1973. His role is to manage and oversee the payroll services offered by the firm. This includes processing payrolls including Auto Enrolment and RTI.

Says Graeme: “When you run a business, payroll matters can seem complicated and time consuming. Because we specialise in managing payrolls, we can take care of everything, and your payroll will be dealt with promptly and accurately time after time. We’re a friendly team, you can speak to us any time.”

Graeme is a Carlisle United fan and also enjoys fishing, including a fishing holiday each year. His musical tastes include Northern Soul and anything by David Bowie.