Audit Testimonial

In this testimonial we demonstrate how our auditing services help keep our client compliant and manage the independent auditing process.

R H Irving Construction

R H Irving Construction Ltd & R H Irving Industrials Ltd

“As part of our natural business growth, R H Irving Construction Ltd realised around 2013 that they would pass the threshold for audit, closely followed by sister company R H Irving Industrials Ltd, so sought appropriate firms to carry this out for us. We were new to the whole audit process and feeling like it was a bit of a double-edged sword. After all you want to know you are doing things correctly, but don’t relish someone ‘picking holes’ in your systems, so it was a daunting prospect.

However, Stuart and the audit team have been a pleasure to work with over the years, providing a friendly and flexible audit service, offering support and guidance where appropriate, in a professional manner. We have also benefited from other services such as tax advice where the need arose and hope the positive business relationship with Saint & Co continues for the foreseeable future.”

Angela Dodd
Financial Director