Inheritance tax

Why pay more tax than you need to?

Inheritance Tax Planning makes sure that your wishes are carried out when you die, and that your family isn’t burdened with a hefty Inheritance Tax bill.

The more you plan ahead, the more options you have

There are various ways to reduce the tax liability for your estate, such as gifts, family trusts, charitable legacies etc.  The important thing is that the more you plan ahead, the more flexibility you have in choosing options that reflect your wishes.

The good news is that we can offer you lots of different options and solutions to make efficient Inheritance Tax planning a reality.   Some are very simple and straightforward while others are more complex.  Whatever your situation, we’ll be able to recommend the right course of action for you.

Impartial financial planning advice

Our Independent Financial Planners are also on hand to offer financial advice in areas such as investments, pensions, and insurance protection.

Frequently asked Questions

Inheritance tax at 40% can take a big chunk out of the assets in your Estate which will pass to your beneficiaries. However, there are usually inheritance tax planning opportunities to reduce and potentially eliminate any liabilities. We can help review your current position and recommend solutions for your personal circumstances.

Trusts offer highly efficient tax planning opportunities from an inheritance tax perspective but capital gains and income tax also need to be considered.

Inheritance tax is charged on your worldwide assets so don’t forget to include foreign properties.

A PET is a gift which will fall outside of your estate after 7 complete years.

Your business and balance sheet structure will need to be carefully checked to ensure all the detailed rules are met.

There are limits for wedding gifts from parents and grandparents below which they are exempt for inheritance tax.

As personal and business circumstances evolve and change it is important to reconsider the inheritance tax implications on a regular basis.

The annual exemption can be carried forward for one year.

We work closely with our independent financial services division to ensure that any suitable opportunities are considered.

Ownership as joint tenants or tenants in common can have a major impact on where your assets will pass.

You will need to consider any previous gifts as well as capital gains tax, income tax, and your own income requirements before making any decisions regarding assets to be gifted.

Executors will claim this where available on the appropriate inheritance tax form.

It isn’t always guaranteed that APR will be available. The business structure and assets will need to be carefully reviewed and considered.

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