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Trust services

Trusts can be created during a lifetime or in a will.  Our role is to discuss your needs and requirements and to work out the best kind of trust for your situation.  For example:

  • To protect vulnerable beneficiaries, such as disabled people or children who have lost a parent.
  • ‘Interest in Possession’ where beneficiaries have a right to all the trust income.
  • Discretionary trusts where the trustees decide whether or not to pay income and capital to the beneficiaries.

Estate Services

Following a death there can be income tax, capital gains tax  and inheritance tax to consider and the relevant forms to complete for HM Revenue and Customs.

We can also assist with the redirection of estate assets and advise on tax savings where advantageous and  the beneficiaries agree.

Impartial financial planning advice

Our Independent Financial Planners are also on hand to offer financial advice in areas such as investments, pensions, and insurance protection.

Frequently asked Questions

Trusts can be a complex area for tax but are also highly tax efficient. We can explain in detail how they work and advise you from the initial creation to the annual ongoing administrative requirements.

It is an obligation binding a person (the trustee) to deal with property in a particular way for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

The person who passes assets into a trust.

Anyone who benefits from the property held in trust.

The legal owner of the property who is legally bound to look after the property of the trust in a particular way for particular purpose.

Either by a trust deed or under the terms of a will.


Trustees have discretion with regard to how to use the income of the trust.

The beneficiary has a current legal right to the income of the trust as it arises.

The settlor retains an interest in the trust.

Potentially there could be capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Potentially there could be income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

It represents tax paid by the trustees which is available to meet any payments to beneficiaries.

An inheritance tax charge dependent upon the value of the assets of the trust.

It may be in certain circumstances.

Trusts are used for many different reasons speak to us so that we can understand your personal circumstances and provide the most suitable advice.

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