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Reasons why Academies choose Saint & Co

As of June 2015, there are 4676 Academies up and running in England, with hundreds more in the pipeline. At present, over half of all secondary schools in England are academies, with primary schools gaining momentum.

We can help any school seeking Academy status, or any Academy who need help with their accounts, audits and general compliance.

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  1. We know the local area schools – most of our partners are local and went to school in the area.
  2. There’s only a tiny handful of Academy experts in the North West – We’ve been helping schools convert to Academies since their introduction in 2010.
  3. We are happy to work with school governors – Making the decision to seek Academy status needs everyone singing from the same song sheet. We have experience in working with teachers, governors and parents.
  4. We’re experienced in handling EFA Audits – EFA Audits can be complex, we’ve helped numerous Academies meet their EFA requirements.
  5. We can help with EOYC Teacher’s Pension Scheme Returns – we’re familiar and experienced in handling EOYC Teacher’s Pension Schemes.
  6. We speak your language – we pride ourselves on being able to communicate with our clients in plain English. No jargon, no nonsense.


Call us anytime for a no-obligation chat. Our Academy team are waiting to hear from you.
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