Farming is in our blood – literally

Our partners are local to the area, and many come from farming families and often run into each other at the auction every week!

We understand farming, and the issues related to it and we know what matters to you.

Looking to make your farm into a more profitable business?

Here’s how to begin:


Use your accounts to make the right business decisions

Accounts are more than a box-ticking exercise. Discover how your accounts become a daily driver to help manage your farming business.

Maximise your outputs

Whether it’s dairy or livestock, poultry or arable farms, know how price fluctuations will affect your profits – and how to manage this effectively.

Understand how changes in legislation affect you

We know how to help you operate the most tax-efficient farming business possible, through proactive tax planning and making use of the available government incentives and farming schemes.

Plan for variations in your farming revenues

Seasonal dips in production and sales will create variations in your farming revenues. Plan ahead to manage fluctuating income, peaks and troughs in your tax costs and the resulting impact on your cash flow.

“Helen Little from Saint & Co, is a pleasure to work with. She takes the trouble to understand the details of my farm and offers
excellent advice on how I can make things more tax efficient. They know their stuff and are always on the ball.”

Messrs G & EA Harrison

We understand your struggles and your dreams

We understand the diverse nature of the agricultural sector – we work with a wide range of businesses in this sector including livestock, dairy, poultry and arable.
We know the tax regulations inside out – from the moment we sit down with you, we know where to help you operate the most tax efficient farming business possible.
We speak your language – we’ll communicate with you in plain English. No jargon, no nonsense.
We understand the emotional attachment to land – we ensure your business is dealt with carefully and with as few financial penalties as possible when it’s sold or passed on to the next generation. Our partners are well versed on inheritance tax and capital gains tax matters.
We know how to help farm businesses grow – we’re used to helping farming and agricultural businesses with diversification projects and expansion plans.

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