Property Tax Planning

Whether you’ve invested in one or multiple properties, you want to be sure you’re minimising the tax you pay on the profits, and at the same time, considering any future capital gains and inheritance tax liabilities.

Effective property tax planning is complex

Our clients come to us with lots of different motivations and scenarios, needing help to understand how the property decisions they make will impact their taxes. Add to this changes in the property tax regulations and it makes for a confusing mess. Make sure you’re paying what you need to be (and no more) by getting specialist support and advice.

We can assist you with the answers to questions such as:

What expenses can I claim against the rental income?

Most revenue expenses – see our article

Does my property qualify as a furnished holiday let?

There are strict rules regarding the number of days the property should be available to let for.

Is my Airbnb a furnished holiday let?

It could be see here.

How is capital gains tax calculated on a property where it has been let but was previously my private residence?

The gain will need to be time apportioned.

I do not live in the UK but let a property out – what are my tax responsibilities?

You will need to register as a non resident landlord and complete a UK tax return.

I live in the UK and rent out properties overseas – what are my tax responsibilities?

You will need to report your overseas profits on the property to HMRC.

Can I undertake any tax planning with my commercial property?

Yes, definitely. Contact us to find out how.

What is the tax if I sell part of my garden?

You may be able to claim private residence relief.

You may be able to claim private resident relief.

This is a complex area with lots of elephant traps to trip you up but we can help.

Should I incorporate my property letting business?

Possibly, but there are lots of tax considerations!   We will be able to carry out a full review of your situation to advise on how best to hold your properties going forward and the tax implications

Will my let property be included for calculating inheritance tax on my estate?


What stamp duty land tax/land and buildings tax will be payable?

This will depend on many factors including what the building is used for, how many properties are involved and if any reliefs are available.

We offer a free review of your current position, to see what tax savings we can identify to help you grow your property investment.
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