One of the best ways to get your valuable time back is to outsource your payroll.  The administrative headache of managing your own payroll involves buying software, installing updates, ensuring you’re compliant with all HR regulations, and more.

And the more employees you have, or the more frequent the pay runs, the greater the payroll admin headache becomes. Before outsourcing payroll to us, some business owners were never able to have more than a week’s holiday at a time!

For many of our clients, it’s extremely simple to outsource payroll needs – and you might be surprised just how cost efficient it is as well.

Completely secure

No software to purchase or update

Take a holiday when you need it

More time to focus on your business

Cost effective

Here’s what’s included in outsourced payroll:

  • Secure processing of your payroll
  • Experienced members of staff managing your payroll needs (over 75 years’ experience combined!)
  • Calculation of pay including SMP, SPP and SSP
  • Ensuring correct employment allowance is claimed
  • Ensuring deadlines are met including RTI
  • BACS payments including PAYE/NIC and AEO’s
  • Auto Enrolment from start to finish with “middle men”
  • National minimum wage regulations met
  • Submission of end of year payroll returns
  • E-payslips for all employees
  • Assistance with any HMRC PAYE compliance inspection visits, if needed