With the scheme opening yesterday 9th July, if you are looking at buying farm kit, then it could be worth looking into applying for grant funding, if the equipment falls within the guidelines. The grant of 40% of the cost, being £3,000 to £12,000, meaning equipment costing between £7,500 and £30,000 would be eligible for the full 40%. If the equipment costs more than £30,000, then the grant would be limited to £12,000 – multiple items can be grouped together in a single application.

The scheme is designed to encourage investment in equipment that will help farmers to make their business more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Note, the scheme closes at midday on 3rd September 2019, so there is a short window of opportunity to apply, and equipment will need to be bought within 150 days of the grant being agreed – do not order or buy equipment until a grant application has been accepted and grant funding approved – if you do, this may nullify the grant. If you applied in the first CPSGS, then you can apply in the second round too, however, the total grant is capped at £12,000.

For full scheme guidance see this link