Is your goal is to make better decisions for your business? Do you want to act quickly when there’s an opportunity and help your business to grow and prosper?

Then getting your accounts done early can help immeasurably in achieving your goal of enhanced decision-making and improved business performance.

Get those key numbers early

Clients often ask us questions such as, ‘What’s my turnover for the year?’ or ‘What’s my profit?’. And, more often than not, these questions come at the end of the year when it’s far too late to make decisions that will change these financial results.

Getting your accounts completed early gives you back more time, making it possible to act on those key numbers and implement changes to resolve any issues. And, despite your possible hesitations, finishing those accounts at an earlier date may not require as much of your time as you think.

One of the big reasons for putting off sending your financial information to your accountant can be the thought of the admin. In some people’s eyes, it takes too long, it’s too hard to find receipts and invoices and there are other more pressing jobs clamouring for your attention – but that’s an outmoded view of accounts creation in the 21st century.

There are a variety of software-based accounting systems your business can use to save its important documents – meaning there’s no last minute rush to collect all your paperwork together. With an online system, you save your expenses, receipts and invoices to the cloud throughout the course of the year – so the documents and data needed to complete your accounts are already saved securely online, ready for us to complete your accounts.

There’s no extra work needed on your part, and we can get your accounts to you well before your usual deadline.

A better view of the business and the future

Having your accounts earlier has a number of core benefits for the running of the business.

With your accounts at your fingertips, you have all the numbers you need to analyse performance, look into the trends around your costs and spending and look for ways to improve your overall profitability – at a point in time when you still have the ability to affect change and enhance your results.

If the numbers are to hand, there are a number of actions you can take, armed with this enhanced view of your accounts:

  • Work out the exact cost of your tax liabilities – put a clear tax strategy in place to account for your tax costs without having a negative impact on your cash flow.
  • Improve your strategic planning – have a more defined vision for the future of the business and base your strategic and financial planning on a solid bedrock of monthly actuals and forecasted revenues.
  • Be better prepared for growth – as you grow, have real confidence that you can afford new premises, or that your cash flow can cover the increased payroll costs of hiring new team members or managers.

As with all things in business, the better the quality of your information, the better prepared you are to deal with the future. And having those accounts available really aids this process.

Let us help you improve the impact of your accounts

At Saint & Co, we know how important it is for business owners and their teams to truly understand the numbers in their accounts – and to feel empowered to be able to change and improve those numbers over time.

We offer training and one-to-one coaching sessions for your business that help you to find and resolve the financial issues.

If your aged debtors are becoming problematic, we can train you in ways to speed up late payments and improve your payment options. Or we can show you have a forensic understanding of your costs per unit/service can improve your profit margins, increase annual profits and boost your daily cash flow.

It’s about tailoring our training and education to fit the needs of your business, whether it’s advanced bookkeeping or software credit control tips.

Book a meeting with your local Saint & Co office and find out how our coaching and training sessions add value for your business.