Andrew Liddle Saint & Co Partner

An upcoming free one-day business event hosted by  Saint & Co. will showcase the latest and best in apps, software, and tech.

Over one hundred and fifty business owners will descend on Carlisle Racecourse in October – and the talk will be of sharks, not horses.

BITE 2018 is a free one-day business event, hosted by local accountancy firm Saint & Co.

What is BITE? In every sense, it stands for Business, Innovation, Technology, and Efficiency – and each part will get the spotlight it deserves throughout the course of the day.

“One of the most significant challenges faced by modern business owners is knowing which technology to use, which to avoid, and how and when to use it.” explains Saint partner and event speaker Andrew Liddle.

“The early users of that technology glide through the water, like great white sharks, chomping up the competition. And the more reluctant business owners are left in their wake, wondering how they missed out on using a website, app, or software before it becomes the industry standard.”

Attendees will be encouraged to Be the Shark and take a BITE out their biggest business problems by identifying smart technological solutions, and using them with the cloud accounting software, Xero.

“Xero integrates with everything.” says Andrew. “It’s been incredibly valuable for our clients, because it becomes the financial hub of their business.”

BITE 2018 kicks off on Friday 12 October at Carlisle Racecourse, from 08:30 to 16:00. Local MP John Stevenson will open the event, before guest speakers and industry experts take you through the latest and best in tech, all of which complements with the cloud accounting software Xero.

You don’t have to be a client of Saint & Co. to attend BITE 2018. Simply visit register for free.