Welcome to Saint & Co

Thank you for choosing us to support you, and for providing us with some initial information about yourself and your business already. We’re excited to start working with you! Here you’ll see what the onboarding journey looks like, and what we need from you to begin.

Your onboarding journey with us

Here’s what to expect:

Complete new client form


Money laundering check


Behind the scenes admin


Get engagement letter


HMRC sign up sorted


Financial health check


Your Xero account set up


Your apps set up


Get Xero tips


Check-in chat booked


Your plan reviewed

Our promise to you


Whenever you call, you’ll always be able to speak to us

If the partner you normally deal with isn’t available, someone else will be able to help.

Your fees will always be totally transparent

We make sure you know exactly where you stand – no nasty surprises or hidden charges.

You’ll receive clear, honest reporting, every time

It’s important to us that you understand what your numbers mean for your business.

Our offices are always open and you’ll always be welcomed by name

Most of our team have been here for 15 years or more. They look forward to your visits.

What we expect from you:

We hope to build a strong relationship with you where you can lean on us for guidance and delegate financial tasks to save yourself time. In order to do that we need three key things from you.

Submit your documents in a timely manner. The faster you provide us with the things we need, the faster we can do the work.

Communicate clearly and transparently and be responsive to queries. It’s the only way a professional partnership can work.

Be willing to accept and act on advice. Trust that we have your personal, professional and financial best interests at heart and use our expertise to improve.

Start your onboarding journey

To get started, please take 5 mins to complete the new client form. You’ll need these key numbers handy:

  • Unique tax pay reference (UTR) – If you have one
  • National Insurance Number

Learn for free while we get you set up

Once you hit submit on the new client form, we’ll be doing some behind the scenes admin to get you set up on our systems. While you wait for us to set up your first meetings, here are some resources to help you understand more about your numbers and how we’ll be working with you.

Starting a business is an exciting prospect - but it’s a challenge too

We’ve created a free start-up kit that guides you through every step of building your new business.