Whenever you’re thinking about making a purchase or getting support from a professional, you want some idea of what it’s going to cost. 

We offer a range of accounting services and support, and our clients have all kinds of differing goals and requirements – so quotes will vary based on an individual’s needs. But it helps to understand how we come to a price, what’s a fixed cost and what’s not. 

We want you to feel calm and reassured when it comes to your accounting, and part of that security comes from knowing exactly where you stand – no nasty surprises or hidden charges.

The price of a service is always calculated based on the time and expertise it takes, but some recurring services are a fixed price 

Our partners and staff have a wide range of experience and skills. Work is allocated or undertaken according to the experience and skills required for the task. Each team member has an hourly rate their time is charged out at, and those hourly rates reflect the skill and experience of the person undertaking the work. 

In many instances, work is completed on a “time-cost” basis, and we will provide an individual quote for a client based on the time we estimate it would take to carry out the work and the hourly charge out rate. 

However, there are services we provide at a fixed cost. Tasks such as:

  • Company CS01 forms
  • Basic tax returns

Recurring tasks required each year such as accounts and tax returns can virtually become a fixed price (plus inflation) for some clients. As clients businesses grow, their needs change and they want us to take an increased role in their accounting and tax planning. In these instances we will always discuss the costs associated first. 

​​Your fees will always be totally transparent upfront

We’ll always let you know if we are going to increase your accountancy fees beyond an inflationary increase. We provide transparent quotes in advance of any proposed work. 

A quote can be broken down into individual tasks, so a client can choose which element of the work they would like to go forward with. You’ll never be in a position where you’re confused about what exactly you’re paying for. 

When it comes to making the payments, most clients prefer to pay monthly by standing order / direct debit so they know where they stand with their cashflow, however some pay upon receipt of the bill. 

Two of the core values we do business by are honesty and integrity and simplicity and clarity, so we are always happy to have a conversation about our pricing and explain your quote or payments. We want you to feel confident you’re making the right choice by having all the details you need upfront to do so.

Want to have a conversation with us about your specific needs and challenges? We make it really simple. Fill out our two minute questionnaire to tell us a little more about you, and we’ll have the best person on the team get in touch.