Last month, a few of the Saint Team attended Xerocon in London, to catch up on software news and updates, and hear insightful talks about how we can help business owners to connect, both through the use of technology and on a personal level. 

The theme at this years’ conference was people. The conversation centred around the wellbeing of our staff and our clients, and the humanity involved in helping a business to thrive. 

It’s so refreshing to witness and be a part of the mental health conversation in the accounting industry. We work day-in, day-out with business owners who have made the brave step to do what they love. Your business is your life. And whilst it can be extremely rewarding to own a business, it can also feel distressing and overwhelming when you’re faced with challenges that have a direct impact on your home life.

Let’s talk about our Farmers

We’re paying particular attention to our farmers. Whilst Farmers care about their livestock, who’s caring about them?

The Office of National Statistics recently reported that suicide rates of agricultural workers are among the highest in any occupational group. According to the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), crisis networks are seeing more and more calls come in from Farmers in need of emotional support. 

As a Farmer, you’re in a unique position where your business and home life are inseparable. Your business literally is your home. 

We understand how stressful it can be when:

  • You’re working long hours – often far more than the average 37 hour week, making it hard to find a balance between work and your personal life.
  • Business is home and home is business – meaning you can struggle to physically escape your workload and the worries that may accompany it. 
  • Uncertain times leave you feeling out of control – Whether it be political changes or a period of bad weather, not being able to predict how your business will be affected can cause panic. 
  • You’re feeling the cash flow pressure – there’s a growing need for better forecasting and financial planning to take investment opportunities without crippling your cash flow, and to manage the pitfalls of pricing changes. 

Finance is the biggest source of stress

Like many business owners, one of the most common worries is uncertainty around finances. Unlike many other businesses, however, farming is unique. Your income relies on a living growing product, and often requires large investments in the land and the machines that sustain that living product. 

We get it – because for many of us at Saint & Co, the farming industry is literally in our blood. We understand the challenges you face, and how these can often feel insurmountable. We’re committed to make sure that our farmers feel financial safe and secure, no matter the outside circumstances. When we partner with you, we really get to know you and your farm, so that you:

  • Gain an expert understanding of your accounts and how they can be used to drive the business forward – understanding your accounts is key to being able to manage your farm with efficiency, and means far more to your success than just ticking boxes for HMRC.
  • Know price fluctuations in livestock and crops will affect your profit in real life terms – and most importantly, how to manage those fluctuations effectively. 
  • Make the most of farming legislation changes – by knowing what’s going to change, what government schemes and incentives are available to you, and by operating the most tax-efficient business at all times.
  • Can proactively plan for changes in tax – So that seasonal dips in production and sales won’t have a negative impact on your cash flow. 

It’s our job to support you

We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our farmers so that we can see them through the challenging times and ultimately help them achieve sustainable growth long term. 

Take a look at our dedicated page for farmers where we talk more about how we help. You can also see the faces of the specialists on our team, many of whom come from farming families themselves. 

We’re not just numbers people – we’re people people, and it’s our job to alleviate the stress that comes with dealing with the finances, and looking after the business side of things so that you’re able to look after you. We care about your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your family. Please do reach out for a conversation if financial worries are getting you down.