As all schools will be shutting today except for those children of key workers (which includes NHS staff, police, social workers and delivery drivers), you may find you and/or your staff will need to work remotely from home.

Some useful steps to do this successfully include:

  1. Get up and dressed like any work day, and set out with the right mental attitude (don’t wear Pyjamas)
  2. Take scheduled breaks and plan your time
  3. Set out a separate space in the home where you are able to work from
  4. Stay in contact with other members of staff throughout the day and communicate how they can contact you if they have questions
  5. Often a phone call will resolve issues quickly
  6. Create a system for sharing documents
  7. Ensure your IT system are robust enough in terms of Wi-Fi signal and cyber security
  8. Pick a specific finish time and don’t keep working late into the night unplanned