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New VAT rules for construction sector start on 1 March 2021 – register for our webinar

New VAT rules are finally due to come into effect this March which will impact on accounting for VAT for transactions in the construction sector. These new rules, which were originally scheduled to start back in October 2019, have already been delayed twice as there was a lack of awareness of the changes in the…

Event: Charging VAT in the CIS: Make sure you are compliant – 12 September 2019

If you work in the Construction Industry under ‘CIS’ and are VAT registered under the new ‘domestic reverse charge for VAT’, then this event is for you. As you may have heard, HMRC are introducing the Reverse Charge for Constructions Services from 1 October 2019. This is the HMRC approach to counteracting fraudulent VAT reclaims….