Those who start out in business often take anyone and everyone. There’s so much enthusiasm and energy, and each new customer provides further energy…at least at first.

As time goes by, you discover this policy of accepting every potential new customer has its downsides. Some customers aren’t a fit for your company. Others are difficult to work with, or don’t pay on time.

Enter marketing.

Not simply “marketing” as you may know it. Press releases, word of mouth, in person networking.

The marketing which will help you the most is called content marketing. It means your business shares relevant, helpful information with your customers by means of “content” – videos, blog articles, social media posts, live streams, graphics, PDF guides, and more. There are hundreds of different formats you can choose from.

At BITE, we’ll be showcasing the latest and best in technology so you can be more efficient, save time, and deliver an incredible product or service to your customers.

But even with the best technology in the world, and building the best relationships, you’ll still need to use great marketing to help the right customers actually find you.

We’ve asked Andrew & Pete (of…Andrew & Pete) to come to BITE and share with you their enthusiasm, their hilarity, and their wisdom about how your business can become the obvious choice for the right customers.

Here’s Andrew & Pete now! You can meet them by video (oh look, it’s “content”) and best of all you can meet them in person when you join us at BITE.