Good news! We’ve gone Platinum

We’re very pleased and incredibly proud to announce that Saint & Co is now a certified Xero Platinum Partner.

This has been a long road, from Bronze to Silver, to Gold and beyond, but it represents our unwavering commitment to the Xero platform, and our staff’s dedication to learning and improving every single day.

They’ve put in the hard yards, earning the appropriate certifications and delivering expert advice and guidance to our clients. A massive congratulations must go to each and every one of them!

What Does This Mean for You?

So, what exactly does our newly acquired Platinum status mean for you? In a word: Value.

As Platinum Partners, we are now in a position to pass on even more value to you by the way of access to promotions, expert assistance, consultancy, and project support.

Your experience with Xero is incredibly important to us, and our shiny new status will go a long way towards making it even better.

Find Out How Xero Can Help Your Business

Our team of Xero Champions are primed and ready to help you discover the many benefits of switching to a cloud accounting system, and to Xero in particular. You’ll quickly save time, save money, and wonder how you ever did without it.

Simply click the link to Get Started with Xero, or call us on 01228 534371 to chat with one of our friendly advisors.



5 ways to ensure your charity is less liable to fraud

Safeguarding the funding of your charity or non-for-profit is a vital part of your stewardship of the organisation. Having real control over your income streams, knowing where and when funds are being spent and protecting your charity’s brand are all essential tasks for CEOs, trustees, and management teams of not-for-profits.

But we live in a world where fraud and cybercrime are an increasingly dangerous risk, especially for charities.

Recent statistics released by the Charity Commission show that over 200 cases of fraud and 250 cases of theft are generally reported in the UK charity sector each year. And the impact of these crimes on your charity’s funding can be significant – reducing the social care you can deliver and damaging your brand in the eyes of potential donors, investors and fundraising partners.

So, how do you protect your charity and make your organisation less prone to fraud?

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