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The challenge charities face in 2020 and how to be prepared

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In 2019, many charitable organisations in the UK saw a higher demand for their services. According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), four in five charity leaders surveyed in 2019 experienced an increasing demand for their services over the past 12 months, and expect the same need to continue into 2020.  With increasing demand on…

What’s your flavour? Becoming the obvious choice to new customers

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Those who start out in business often take anyone and everyone. There’s so much enthusiasm and energy, and each new customer provides further energy…at least at first. As time goes by, you discover this policy of accepting every potential new customer has its downsides. Some customers aren’t a fit for your company. Others are difficult…

Take a BITE out of your biggest business challenges

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Join us in Carlisle for a FREE one-day business event this October. There’s no denying that technology is moving faster than ever before. You might feel like you’re the last to know about a new app, website, or software, and when you discover your competition has been using a shiny new piece of tech to gain…