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Can networking really help my business?

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Back in October of last year, we welcomed over 200 business owners to Carlisle Racecourse for our local business event, BITE 2018. We watched as these entrepreneurs rubbed shoulders, talked shop, and shared their biggest business challenges. The room buzzed with industry and excitement. So, when anyone asks if networking can help their business, we…

Innovation isn’t enough. You need curiosity, too.

BITE, Profitable Firm

This is a guest post from Karen Reyburn, founder of The Profitable Firm. She’s one of our keynote speakers at BITE 2018, and here’s some of what she’ll be sharing with you in Carlisle on the 12th October. Every day I work with businesses on getting their words out in front of their ideal audience….

What’s your flavour? Becoming the obvious choice to new customers

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Those who start out in business often take anyone and everyone. There’s so much enthusiasm and energy, and each new customer provides further energy…at least at first. As time goes by, you discover this policy of accepting every potential new customer has its downsides. Some customers aren’t a fit for your company. Others are difficult…

Technology is not the next great thing: People are

Ashleigh Lambert, Xero, BITE

“I’m passionate about technology and its power to change the way we live and work.” Ashleigh Lambert, Xero Technology does have great power. But if that’s the case, why would we ask Ashleigh to speak at our BITE event about how technology is NOT the next great thing? After all, this event is centred on…