“We don’t save the numbers to our computer. Where do they go? Are they safe? How do they get from my laptop to my phone? Everything’s paperless. I’m telling you, the cloud is witchcraft!”

Just when we thought we’d heard it all… No, the cloud isn’t black magic. But it is more than a little misunderstood. That’s why we wanted to send this blog post to shed some light on what it is, how it works, and why we love it.

What is the cloud?

In the most basic terms, the cloud is essentially a metaphor for the internet.

Back in the early 90s, computer scientists had to find a way to display “the network” in their presentations. The network in question was a group of computers and storage devices (a server-farm), held elsewhere, off-site.

The image they used was that of a cloud, and the name stuck.

How does it work?

Unlike typical computing, where you save data or run programs from your hard drive, cloud computing is all about utilizing the internet. You don’t physically store anything on your own computer; rather, it’s stored elsewhere, held on powerful internet-connected computers spread around the globe.

So long as you have an internet connection, you can log in to an application and access your data quickly and securely.

Why we love the cloud

Here at Saint & Co., we’re passionate advocates for the cloud, and cloud accounting in particular. We encourage our clients to make the switch to Xero and experience the benefit of real-time numbers and instant access to up-to-date accounts, from anywhere, and at any time.

The major advantage of the cloud is that you can access information across a range of internet-connected devices. In the office? Log onto Xero and run a few reports. Out and about meeting clients? Pull up the Xero smartphone app and double check key figures or the status of an invoice before your meeting.

And because the cloud uses powerful remote servers to handle the computing and data storage, you can save money on hardware costs. In days gone by, an in-house desktop accounting system would, at the very least, require a powerful computer to run it. For larger businesses, they often needed their own server (complete with running and maintenance costs).

Thanks to the cloud, you don’t need an expensive machine to use quality accounting software. It does the heavy lifting for you, making the whole approach more affordable than ever before.

Finally, we love the cloud because it makes our lives easier. We can collaborate with you on your accounts, and see what you see, as you see it. We’re not left scrambling for information, or working with out-of-date figures, and that means we can provide you with the very best advice, backed by real numbers.

Switch to the cloud with Saint & Co.

Interested in learning more about the cloud and cloud accounting software? We can show you the ropes – with no broomsticks or cauldrons in sight!

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